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Behringer RD-6 Review


Our review of the Behringer RD-6 drum machine. ► Get the RD-6 cheat sheet for FREE at 🤍 Featured example drum patterns: Phil Collins - Don't Lose My Number Cardi B - On Fleek Aphex Twin - Flim Check out our Patreon 🤍 ► Easy to read transcriptions of all the patterns from the video ► RD-6 cheat sheet ► RD-6 sample pack Maffez RD-6 Mods (Cymbal-Clap-Level Ratio) ► 🤍 #drummachine #behringer #rd6 #review ► Support our channel on Patreon: 🤍 ► Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🤍 ► Instagram 🤍 Table of contents: 0:00 Introduction 0:29 Build quality 0:53 Layout 1:09 Connectivity 2:52 Sounds 6:05 Patterns 7:11 Accent 7:40 Substeps 7:46 Swing 7:52 Microtiming 7:59 Automation 8:07 Tempo 9:17 Convenience 9:59 Example Patterns 11:33 Performance 13:02 Bugs 13:36 Blinkiness 13:49 Price & Verdict Produced by Jean-Claude Dirckx and Sophie Hoppstädter

Behringer RD-6 BK - Quick Demo (Sounds Only)


Behringer RD-6 bk - Quick Demo (Sounds Only) SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! My first contact with this TR-606 drum mashine emulation from Behringer. Recorded without any added FX, directly to Tascam DR-05x (24bit wav). Behringer RD-6 specifications: - 8 Drum sounds: bass drum, snare drum, low tom, high tom, cymbal, clap, open hi-hat and closed hi-hat - Volume control for all instruments and accent track - Integrated distortion effect with controls for intensity and tone - 16-Dtep pattern sequencer - Storage locations for 2x 16 patterns - Pattern chain for a maximum of 16 patterns (256 steps) - Song mode with 8 memory locations Behringer RD-6 web site: 🤍 Thanx to Audio Pro Artist (Beograd, Srbija), official Behringer importer for Serbia info🤍 🤍 🤍 Maksima Gorkog 153, Dušanovac, 11050 Beograd Listen all of my YT synth demos: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Behringer RD-6: plastic analog - review & jam with TD-3


Behringer RD-6 continues the series of colorful clones, now with a remake of the good old Roland TR-606. Here I check this handy device and try it for a little jam with its natural partner :) Jam starts at 8:16 Sound: Behringer RD-6 & TD-3, Strymon Volante Mixing & Recording: Zoom LR-12

Behringer RD-6 Analog Drum Machine, the Modern and Affordable TR-606


The Behringer RD-6 Analog Drum Machine, a modern Roland TR-606 clone with an affordable price that will fit almost any budget. That's what we're looking at today, and one lucky viewer will be winning this RD-6 drum machine as a part of a 1000 subscriber giveaway in the near future! *Giveaway valid until August 1st 2021. If the channel subscriber count does not reach the 1000 subscriber goal within 3 months of publishing the video the giveaway will be canceled. #Behringer #RD6 #TR606

Behringer RD-6 | Techno/House Jam (No Talking)


A little jam to show the housier and technoid side of this drummie. Buy: 🤍 Review: 🤍 Performance: Kai Dombrowski Video: Kai Dombrowski

Behringer RD-6 [USER REVIEW] Analog Drum Machine


Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2020 Today I am giving a user review of the new Behringer RD-6 Analog Drum Machine. The RD-6 is an affordable re-issue of the Roland TR-606 all-analog circuitry. With some updated functionality. While I have a TR-606, this is not another typical audio comparison video. Is the RD-6 a good value and sound for the money? How well does it really work for eurorack modular systems? Has anything been improved over the original? How does it compare to other analog drum machines available? I'll break it all down for you right here, right now. 0:00 Opening Demo 0:59 Introduction 1:38 Build Quality + Connections Overview 2:48 Sounds + Features Overview 4:16 What's in a Clap? vs. DR-110 5:41 MIDI: External Sound Trigger 6:31 USB: Data Transfer + Individual Outputs 7:13 Summary of Final Thoughts Recorded direct to Tascam DR-05. FACEBOOK 🤍 BLOG 🤍 LISTEN/DOWNLOAD 🤍 REVERB 🤍

Behringer RD-6 In Depth Tutorial


In this video I look in depth at all the functions of the Behringer RD-6. Sections are as set out below - 0:00 Introduction and Overview of Connections, Controls and settings 05:15 Programming/playing/chaining a pattern in Pattern Mode 08:26 Track Mode - write and playing 10:19 Copy, Paste, Delete and insert, bar numbers 15:41 Setting the midi channel, Pattern groups 16:34 Distortion FX 17:23 Scale Function 22:37 Patch bay If you would like to support the channel and keep it going please consider supporting me on Patreon. By doing this you will get access to exclusive content not available anywhere else such as synth patches for a variety of hardware and software synths, exclusive free access to my music, lesson notes, sample, loops and much more - 🤍 Interested in Piano, Ukelele or Singing lessons then check out the links below - Ukelele - 🤍 Piano - 🤍 Singing - 🤍 #behringer #RD-6 #Tutorial Check out my music - Spotify - 🤍 iTunes /Apple Music - 🤍 Beatport - 🤍 Deezer - 🤍 Bandcamp - 🤍 Subscribe here: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Roland TR-06 in-depth review & comparison with Behringer RD-6


This is the Roland TR-06. A digital version of the classic TR-606 but also a lot more. Todays video is an in-depth review of this drum machine as well as a comparison with the Behringer RD-6. If you enjoy my videos become a Patron and support: 🤍 Want to pick up either drum machine? Support the channel thru these affiliate links: Roland TR-06 (US/EU) //🤍 Behringer RD-6 (US/EU) // 🤍 00:00 intro 00:24 sound demo 1 02:05 how to make a beat 05:54 how to edit sounds 07:51 Master & Send FX 09:54 Performance controls 11:38 I/O and build quality 12:28 sound demo 2 13:01 Positive & Negative 16:01 Comparison with Behringer RD-6 And don't miss checking out Alex Ball who makes a cameo in the video: 🤍 Social media: ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍 Stuff: ►Patches & samples: 🤍 ►Merch: 🤍 ►Music: 🤍 Join our synth & music production communities here: ►Discord: 🤍 ► Simply Synthesizers FB group: 🤍 BUSINESS INQUIRY ►bonurmimusic ( at ) #RolandTR06 #BehringerRD6 #DrumMachine

Behringer RD-6 vs Roland TR-606 // The Definitive Comparison


For access to the samples plus exclusive in-depth tutorials: ► Patreon: 🤍 If you're looking at buying a new synth try this link for Perfect Circuit - you'll get free shipping and I'll get a tip 🤍 ►ClubbingTV From the Studio: 🤍 Other places you’ll find me: ► Instagram: 🤍 ► Facebook: 🤍 ► Twitter: 🤍 ► Bandcamp 🤍 0:00 Nice distortion demo + overview 2:21 Kick 3:46 Snare 5:02 Toms 6:24 Hats 8:44 Cymbal 9:32 Hat Trick 10:15 Final Thoughts

How to MIDI sync the RD-6 with Synths and Sequencers


Dan from Behringer walks through how to correctly configure and connect the RD-6 with an external synth with a sequencer, to ensure your synths lock to the BPM of your RD-6 midi clock. RD-6: 🤍 MS-1: 🤍 To download the latest version of the Behringer Synth tool, visit: 🤍

NAMM 2020 - Introducing the Behringer RD-6


Introducing the RD-6 for #NAMM2020

Behringer RD-6 & TD-3 | Any Good?


Behringer RD-6 and TD-3, two remakes of very classic machines. Do they deliver? After using both in a full song production, I feel I have gotten to know them quite good. Here's my thoughts and conclusions about them. Sounds great! Not 100% re-creations of the originals, but that's no problem and in a mix this really have no importance. Very cheap to get and fully analog of course. The build quality is also very cheap, at least when it comes to the feel of the plastic and knobs. The originals were also quite cheap, but these feel more toy-like than the originals. Midi sync doesn't work very well and the RD-6 does not transmit the midi-notes out for the clap. Maybe a firmware update will take care of these things so check the Behringer website for this. They don't run off batteries which for me is a big party-pooper. They would be so much more usable to me if they could be run of batteries as the originals could. All in all, great bang for the buck! Watch my tutorial about the song I made where I used both of them extensively: 🤍 Support this channel on Patreon: 🤍 Find my music here: iTunes Apple music: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Bandcamp: 🤍 Google Play: 🤍 Please join me on social media: 🤍 🤍 🤍 I use DistroKid for all my releases onto streaming services. Try out Distrokid yourself and get a 7% discount off your first year by using this link: 🤍 Growing up I listened to so much synth-pop and it's only natural that my own music takes inspiration from many of the acts I loved back then. I still love them and listen to them! Howard Jones, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Erasure, Thompson Twins, Tears for Fears, The Human League, Propaganda. FGTH, Ultravox, OMD, Eurythmics, Duran Duran, Giorgio Moroder, Jean Michel Jarre, Jan Hammer, Alphaville, A-ha as well as loads of artists doing what is now called Italo Disco. And many more great acts like Nik Kershaw, Spandau Ballet, Wham, Dire Straits

Behringer RD-6 Deep Dive: Song Mode / Track Write Mode | Copy & Paste | Sync


Following your comments on our RD-6 review, this is a Deep Dive Episode on the RD-6 in which we show how Song Mode / Track Write Mode really works (also applicable to the Roland TR-606), how to copy and paste patterns and how the RD-6 is synced to other devices. ► Get the RD-6 cheat sheet and the "Daft Punk - Da Funk" drum pattern transcription for FREE at 🤍 The gear used in this episode: Behringer RD-6 Behringer TD-3 DJ Techtools Midi Fighter 3D Cardboard, tape and a wooden skewer Featured example drum patterns: Aphex Twin - Flim Cardi B - On Fleek Daft Punk - Da Funk Phil Collins - Don't Lose My Number #drummachine #tutorial #rd6 #td3 #behringer ► Support our channel on Patreon: 🤍 ► Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🤍 ► Instagram 🤍 Table of contents: 0:00 Introduction 0:17 Copy & Paste 1:07 Sync 3:18 Song Mode Produced by Jean-Claude Dirckx and Sophie Hoppstädter

Behringer RD-6 AM First Jam Out of the Box



The Acid Challenge 2 - A 60 Minutes Jam with Behringer RD-6 and TD-3


Welcome to the second part of the Acid Challenge! Featuring Behringer RD-6, TD-3, Korg Kaoss Pad Mini and Boss RE-20. The rules: There are no pre-programmed sequences. All drum sequences need to be programmed on the fly. All bass lines need to be randomly generated by the TD-3. One FX device per machine. No editing. 🤍 🤍 🤍 Subscribe! ;)

Behringer RD-6 Techno Jam


Behringer RD-6

Behringer RD-6 - Sound Demo With Some Effects (No Talking)


Hey guys, this time a sound demo with the Behringer RD-6 analog drum machine, mostly Techno/ House grooves but also one in Trap/Hiphop and DnB. All the Midi is coming from Ableton. I've added a short Reverb and at times Ableton's Ping Pong Delay and NI Flanger. If you like this video please leave a like and subscribe to help this channel grow! Effects used: Ableton: Ping Pong Delay with an eq to keep everything below 200 Hz in mono Drum Bus for some gentle saturation NI: Flair (Flanger) as an effect in some Breakdowns ValhallaDSP: ValhallaVintageVerb (Short Reverb for Drums) ValhallaRoom as an transition effect Timestamps: 0:00 - Techno Groove 01 1:54 - Techno Groove 02 3:31 - Trap Groove 4:50 - DnB Groove 6:03 - House Groove 01 7:23 - House Groove 02

Why I Bought a Behringer RD-6 (Roland TR-606 Analogue Drum Machine Clone)


Why buy such a limited drum machine in 2021/2022 when we have so many great options for sampling? Well, here's my reasoning, and what I make of the RD6. 00:00 - Intro 01:50 - Limitations 02:43 - Features I like 04:39 - Sequencing 07:23 - Build Quality 09:25 - Sounds 10:53 - Downsides + Mods 13:37 - Conclusion 15:09 - Musical outro If you want one of your own, feel free to click through to Amazon. I get a small commission for purchases, which helps keep me in whisky and beard oil: 🤍 I post all of the music I make, including WAV stems; sample packs; collections of video textures; early access to videos; and a whole pile of other stuff on Patreon. I know I know, I hate doing this as well, but if you like what I do and want to get more of it, while also helping me offset some of my ludicrous gear purchases, this is the best place to do it: 🤍 For other gear purchases, I recommend Signal Sounds in Glasgow (🤍), and also Perfect Circuit in the US. 🤍 - if you click through on the latter and buy anything they might sling me a couple of pennies. and a whole pile of other stuff... Instagram: 🤍 My main photo and video art blog: 🤍 The band I play guitar and sing in: 🤍 The band I play bass and sing in: 🤍 My DIY tape label, Cow Tongue Taco Records: 🤍 My occasional music blog: 🤍 I post all of the music I make, including WAV stems; sample packs; Dirtywave M8 song bundles; collections of video textures; early access to videos; and a whole pile of other stuff on Patreon. I know I know, I hate doing this as well, but if you like what I do and want to get more of it, while also helping me offset some of my ludicrous gear purchases, this is the best place to do it: 🤍 If you just want to hang out and chat with me or other (nice) folks, drop by the Discord: 🤍 If you just want individual sample packs or downloads of video footage to use in your own projects, get them on Gumroad here: 🤍 If you're in the market for new gear, my favourite place to find new and interesting synthesizers and other electronic music gear is Signal Sounds. They are based in Glasgow, but ship all over the place and often have stuff nobody else does. Find them at 🤍 If you're in the US and shop at Perfect Circuit, you can click through to see what they have in stock just now through my custom link. I get a small commission for any purchases made, which keeps me stocked up with whisky and beard oil. 🤍 and a whole pile of other stuff... Instagram: 🤍 My main photo and video art blog: 🤍 The band I play guitar and sing in: 🤍 The band I play bass and sing in: 🤍 My DIY tape label, Cow Tongue Taco Records: 🤍 My occasional music blog: 🤍 Get in touch for possible collabs/offers of large sums of money, etc: allmyfas at gmail



Behringer RD-6 & TD-3

🙂 BEHRINGER TD-3 Synthesizer & RD-6 Drum Machine / UNBOXING / DEMO & MORE...


👉 Behringer TD-3 Thomann: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 eBay: 🤍 👉 Behringer RD-6 Thomann: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 eBay: 🤍 The Behringer TD-3 and RD-6 is a clone of the famous Roland TB-303 and TR 606, The TB-303 together with the TR-606 Drum Machine was designed to replace Drums and Bass allowing musicians to practice without band members present, However, this target group didn't feel addressed and so the TB-303 ended up with disco-house DJs and producers and became one of the most important instruments in electronic music history, It’s curious how a guitarist’s tool came to define an entire genre of music. The Behringer TD-3 faithfully replicates the look and sound of the classic 303 bassline – a synth that became synonymous with Acid House and EDM in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. USB and MIDI connectivity provides more creative options for modern rigs, while the reproduction of the original circuitry and a pure analog signal path delivers the crunchy, squeaky, squelchy tone that we know and love. The Behringer RD-6 analog drum machine combines iconic '80s drum machine sounds with modern USB and MIDI connectivity. Use the 16-step drum sequencer to create your grooves, with seamless real-time switching between up to 32 patterns. For longer sequences, you can chain patterns into full songs with up to 250 bars. And with trigger outputs to control your other modular and semi-modular synthesizers, the Behringer RD-6 is the perfect way to bring old-school analog drum sounds into your modern synthesizer rig. ⏲TIMELINE⏲ [00:00] UNBOXING TD-3 [02:44] UNBOXING RD-6 [03:43] TD-3 DEMO [06:49] TD-3 HOW TO MAKE A PATTERN [09:39] RD-6 DEMO [11:35] RD-6 HOW TO MAKE A BEAT [13:34] CONNECTING TO COMPUTER [19:10] SYNC TOGETHER [20:30] ACID BLADE ▶️ Tutorials/Demos/Other Stuffs: 🤍 🔧Equipments: 🤍 🎧 Listen my Music: 🤍 _­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_ ➤Blog Site: 🤍 ➤Instagram: 🤍 ➤Facebook: 🤍 ➤My Music: 🤍 ➤Pay Pal Donate: 🤍 ­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_ #BehringerTD3 #BehringerRD6 #TB303 🗣 LIKE🌟 🗣 SHARE💕 🗣 COMMENT💖 🗣 SUBSCRIBE😍 ★★★ Thanks for Watching! ★★★

Behringer RD-6 Solo Jam #9



11 DRUM BEATS TR808 on the RD6


Yo punks! Re-up by popular demands! In this video we program 11 famous #TR808 patterns in the #RD6, a #TR606 clone ! List & links of the original songs. 1. Drexciya - Wave Jumper: 🤍 2. Beastie Boys - Brass Monkey: 🤍 3. Connie - Funky Little Beat: 🤍 4. Nucleus - Jam on It: 🤍 5. T LaRock & Jazzy Jay - It's Yours: 🤍 6. Dopplereffekt - Cellular Phone: 🤍 7. Cybotron - Clear: 🤍 8. Strafe - Set it Off: 🤍 9. Oppenheimer Analysis - The Devils Dancers: 🤍 10. Drexciya - You Don't Know: 🤍 11. Drexciya - Andreaen Sand Dunes:🤍 Audiorial programs the TD-3 the FUN way 🤍 🤍

BEHRINGER RD 6 - Elle est orange, ça tombe bien


Behringer m'a envoyé une RD-6. Je fais le tour de cette boîte à rythme dans le détail, clone de la TR 606 de Roland. Et en plus, elle est orange ! Rejoignez-nous sur Discord avec ce lien : 🤍 00:00 Intro 01:11 Tour d'horizon 07:57 Pattern Play (jeu) 10:41 Pattern Write (programmation) 19:30 Track Mode 29:31 Synchronisation 30:34 Randomisation 31:19 Conclusion SOUTENEZ NOUS Tipeee ! Même de petites sommes nous aident ! 🤍 Les Sondiers - Une émission live lundimadaire Et en podcast via 🤍 Suivez nous sur Twitch : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 YouTube : 🤍

Behringer RD-6 Unboxing & First Impression


I'm unboxing Behringer's newly released Roland TR-606 clone and programming a pattern on it. No talking, but instead there is stop motion :) Check out our complete review of the Behringer RD-6 🤍 #rd6 #tr606 #behringer #stopmotion #drummachine

Behringer RD6 Drum Machine


Hi everyone the Behringer RD6 has arrived come on down Info Beheringer RD-6 The RHYTHM DESIGNER RD-6 provides all the tools you need to become a master beat-maker, including: 8 drum sounds and a 16-step sequencer – for a quick and easy-to-use drum machine that’ll shake the house! Built to enhance the way you perform, the RD-6 boasts a 16-step drum sequencer which allows for real-time switching between 32 separate patterns. Start building song structures on-the-fly and even edit them to your liking. Mix any of the 8 drum sounds by adjusting their dedicated level knobs. The RD-6-SR also comes with a distortion based on the venerable DS-1. Add spice and a bit of edge to your tone by flipping the Distortion switch on and adjusting the amount and tone of the distortion. Each pattern you create can also be chained into a whole song up to 256 bars which adds up to eight and a half minutes of beats perfect for those spicy jams where you just can’t stop.Great care has been taken in designing the RD-6 to achieve new possibilities in beat creation by reviving a timeless design from one of the most classic drum machines of yesteryear. By taking a fresh and modern approach on a classic drum machine, the RD-6 gives you the power to harness the phenomenal sound of the venerable TR-606 and tap into some new features as well. Punchy bass drums through sizzling hi-hats and even the authentic and renowned BR-110 clap sound can be manipulated to take your rhythm performance to the next level. This is an analog beat-making monster! Hope you enjoy the video please like subscribe and tap the bell Love and peace Bangers and Chumley Take the fear out the gear titles theme tune is called Vintage Jarre copyright 2012 Simon Hunns

Behringer RD-6 First Impression (no talking)


The RD-6 was delivered today and I recorded this clip right away to give you a first impression of its sound. No equalizing, no compression, sound direct RD-6 output. #rd6 #tr606 #behringer #analogdrummachine

Аналоговая драм-машина Behringer RD-6


Драм-машина Behringer RD-6 – это аналог легендарной Roland 606 с некоторыми доработками. Здесь также есть 8 звуков ударных: бочка, малый барабан, низкий и высокий томы, клэп, открытый и закрытый хай-хэт и звук тарелки. На борту всё тот же 16-шаговый секвенсор, регуляторы, кнопки и переключатели. Но есть и кое-что новое. Behringer добавили сюда функцию рандомизации паттерна, выбор количества шагов секвенсора, секцию дисторшна, популярный нынче патч-бей для синхронизации с модулярными синтезаторами и возможность поканальной записи. Получилось осовремененное устройство с налётом ностальгии. Больше подробностей – в обзоре драм-машины Behringer RD-6 на нашем канале! ✔️ Актуальная цена и наличие: Драм-машина BEHRINGER RD-6-SR 🤍 0:00 Обзор звуков драм-машины Behringer RD-6 2:03 Акцентирование звуков 3:40 Секвенсор 6:43 Рандомизация 7:29 Last Step 8:11 Секция дисторшн 8:58 Патч-бей, входы/выходы 10:48 Плюсы и минусы драм-машины Behringer RD-6 🔝👌 Аналоговая драм-машина ARTURIA DRUMBRUTE 🤍 🔥 Наш инстаграм-аккаунт с музыкой из роликов 🤍popmusic_play 🔥 ВК группа 🤍 🎯 Если вы хотите купить драм-машину Behringer RD-6 или получить от нас консультацию по другим аналоговым синтезаторам и драм-машинам, вы можете нам написать на viktor🤍 или позвонить: Москва - 8(495) 739-2223, Санкт-Петербург - 8(812)677-09-59, многоканальный бесплатный для всей России 8(800)250-55-00 💥 WhatApp, VIBER +79112180454

Behringer TD-3 and RD-6 live programming - The Acid Pattern Challenge


This is a real live session: from programming to jamming in less than 15 minutes. I spent 5 minutes on each programming a baseline on the TD-3 and a drum pattern on the RD-6, plus 5 minutes on a mini-jam showcasing the results. I put subtitles so you understand what I am actually doing. #td3 #rd6 #behringer #acidchallenge #live

Boutique Acid Session Part 2 - Behringer RD-6, TD-3 & Roland TB-03, SH-01A


First test drive with the new Behringer RD-6 :-) Behringer RD-6 Behringer TD-3 Roland TB-03 Roland SH-01A Please also check out the first part of the Boutique Acid Session Series 😊 🤍 Save the Robots! If you want to see more videos, information, tips and tricks, please hit the subscribe button and like my facebook and soundcloud page 😊 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Behringer RD-6 - Unboxing, Hands On und Test [deutsch]


Die Behringer TD-6 ist endlich da und wird natürlich direkt ausführlich unter die Lupe genommen. Außerdem: ein erster Soundvergleich zur Roland TR-606. Ist die TD-6 die bessere 606? Viel Spaß mit diesem Video! Abonnieren nicht vergessen! ;) 🤍 🤍 🤍

Behringer RD-6 Demo & TR-8 Comparison (no talking)


Full German Review: 🤍 Buy Now* 🤍 *Affiliate-Links: Part of the revenue generated through these links will be paid to us as commission, depending on the measurable success. You are welcome to buy the products elsewhere. The link is only a suggestion to look at the products. Legal notice: Remise 3 Medienservice Agentur GmbH Ludgerusstraße 46 47179 Duisburg Represented by CEO: Hansi Tietgen Amtsgericht Duisburg, HR B NUMMER 19797 Tel: 0203/498705 Fax: 0203/87 96 864 Email: office(at) VAT-ID: DE 256765312 Responsible for contents according to § 5 TMG: Hansi Tietgen *Affiliate Links: Ein Teil des Umsatzes, der über diese Links generiert wird, wird je nach messbaren Erfolg an uns als Provision ausgezahlt. Ihr könnt die Produkte gerne woanders kaufen. Der Link dient lediglich als Vorschlag zum Anschauen der Produkte. Impressum: Remise 3 Medienservice Agentur GmbH Ludgerusstraße 46 47179 Duisburg Vertreten durch den Geschäftsführer: Hansi Tietgen Amtsgericht Duisburg, HR B NUMMER 19797 Telefon: 0203/498705 Telefax: 0203/87 96 864 Email: office(at) Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer DE 256765312 Inhaltlich verantwortlich nach § 5 TMG: Hansi Tietgen

HOUSE / TECHNO Patterns and Samples for BEHRINGER RD6


Here some House and Techno drum patterns i made for Behringer RD6 (replication of TR 606) you can download 32 samples for free and or purchase from my store the full package with 32 boosted drum samples 32 raw samples 32 midi drum beats and 32 sequencer pattenrs for Synth Tool program. ✅ Download Link: 🤍 ⏲TIMELINE⏲ [00:00] PATTERNS DEMO [04:03] DEMO TRACK WITH PATTERNS (Acid Virus) [06:43] DOWNLOAD 32 FREE DRUM SAMPLES [07:57] DOWNLOAD THE FULL PACK 🙂 Behringer RD-6 Thomann: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 eBay: 🤍 ▶️ Tutorials/Demos/Unboxing: 🤍 🔧My Gear: 🤍 🎧 Listen my Music: 🤍 ­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_ ➤Blog Site: 🤍 ➤Instagram: 🤍 ➤Facebook: 🤍 ➤My Music: 🤍 ➤Pay Pal Donate: 🤍 ­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_ #BehringerRD6 #HouseDrums #TechnoDrums 🗣 LIKE🌟 🗣 SHARE💕 🗣 COMMENT💖 🗣 SUBSCRIBE😍 ★★★ Thanks for Watching! ★★★

Behringer RD-6 Product Review


Hey guys - I just got an RD-6 and I wanted to take a look at it with all of you, show you a little of how to use it and share with you some samples that I created for you with it or even better if you happen to also have a Behringer RD-6, you can download the actual loops that I created with this great little drum machine that got transported into the year 2021 from the 80s!! I also show you how to use the software that Behringer released to make this drum machine even better, by allowing you to easily backup, restore, share and create patches for it! The patches and loops are available at: 🤍 For More information on this Drum Machine - visit Behringer: 🤍 I got mine from Sweetwater Sounds at (The Red one is $50 less than any other color right now): 🤍 This video was NOT sponsored, and I bought this drum machine with my own money that I earned working a regular job - just like you!!

Behringer RD-6 Analog Drum Machine + Danelectro Spring King Reverb Pedal Demo (No Talking)


Equipment demo series by Shadow Creek. Danelectro Spring King is a true spring reverberator packed in a portable pedal format. Previously we tested Behringer RD-8 analog drum machine and Novation Bass Station 2 analog synth with this reverb pedal. Let's close the trilogy with Behringer RD-6 analog drum machine and check how it sounds with this effect pedal. Behringer Electronic Drum Controller (RD-6) on Amazon: 🤍 Danelectro DSR-1 Spring King Reverb on Amazon: 🤍

Synth Fight - Korg Volca Bass & Beats vs Behringer TD-3 & RD-6 (303 and 606 Clones)


If you want to add real analog bass and drums to your setup, which company offers the best value? Korg or Behringer?



Here some Hip Hop drum patterns i made for Behringer RD6 (replication of TR 606) you can download 32 samples for free and the full package with 32 boosted drum samples 32 raw samples 32 midi drum beats and 32 sequencer pattenrs for Synth Tool program. ✅ Download Link: 🤍 ⏲TIMELINE⏲ [00:00] PATTERN GROUP 1 [05:21] PATTERN GROUP 2 [10:34] DOWNLOAD FREE BEATS [12:00] DOWNLOAD THE FULL PACK 🙂 Behringer RD-6 Thomman: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 eBay: 🤍 ▶️ Tutorials/Demos/Unboxing: 🤍 🔧My Gear: 🤍 🎧 Listen my Music: 🤍 ­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_ ➤Blog Site: 🤍 ➤Instagram: 🤍 ➤Facebook: 🤍 ➤My Music: 🤍 ➤Pay Pal Donate: 🤍 ­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_­_ #BehringerRD6 #DrumBeats #606Samples 🗣 LIKE🌟 🗣 SHARE💕 🗣 COMMENT💖 🗣 SUBSCRIBE😍 ★★★ Thanks for Watching! ★★★

Behringer RD-6 vs. TD-3 - Funk Sensation


Behringer RD-6-LM (slight internal distortion) TD-3-AM TD-3-BU Roland DEP-3 Dynacord DRS 78 #acidhouse #tb303 #tr606

Behringer RD6 and TR3 Sync


Need to sync just two devices? No problem let me show you how to get a TS3 and RD6 to play nice together! Sweetwater Patch Cables 🤍

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