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Have You Heard of Off The Hook Dolls?


I absolutely LOVE doll lines released in the early 2000s and one of my faves is an “obscure” line released in 2003 called Off The Hook! OTH was produced by Integrity Toys and was one of many doll lines trying to capitalize off the success of #Bratz at the time. I have acquired a small collection of OTH dolls over the years and have finally found a rare second wave doll to add to it! Watch my latest YouTube video to learn more about this rare 2000s doll line! ✨

💜OFF the HOOK💙 продолжаем открывать кукол | Обзор часть 1


Off the HOOK - куклы, которые незаслуженно обделены вниманием коллекционеров. Давайте распакуем несколько наборов и полюбуемся. Off the HOOK первая распаковка: 🤍 ПОДПИСАТЬСЯ НА КАНАЛ: 🤍 Моя группа в VK: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 ★Capsule Chix★Ctrl+Alt+Magic: 🤍 ★ Capsule Chix ★ сразу 2 куклы 🤍 ★Capsule Chix★Ram Rock 🤍 Больше видео с куклами: 🤍 Мои первые Блейз с Али: 🤍 ★Новогодние Киндер Макси 220г. ЛедиБаг: 🤍 ★Новогодние Киндер Сюрпризы: 🤍 ★Новогодние Киндер Макси Медведи: 🤍 ★Киндер Макси Тайная жизнь домашних животных: 🤍 ★Киндер Бегемотики 2019 🤍 ★Киндер Леди Баг 🤍 ★Киндер Звездные Войны 2019 🤍 ★Киндер Бен 10 🤍 ★Kinder Marvel: 🤍 ★Барби профессии 2019: 🤍 ★Маша и Медведь 6: 🤍 ★ВСЯ ПРАВДА О КИНДЕРАХ: 🤍 ★Больше видео с Киндерами: 🤍 ★Киндер волги: 🤍 #dolls #CHAPLINCollector #OFFtheHOOK #CapsuleChix

Doll hook


show how to use the doll hang kit. this hook is for hang the doll body. for long time storage.

Обзор кукол OFF THE HOOK от Spin Master


Off the Hook это — игрушка-конструктор, состоящая из 6 частей: лицо, волосы, верхняя и нижняя части, обувь и аксессуары. Верх и низ соединяются при помощи крючков. Дети могут собирать их в любом порядке, чтобы создать уникальные образы. Менять наряды очень просто и увлекательно. Подробнее: 🤍

Off The Hook Dolls from Spin Master


Today TTPM is reviewing Spin Master's new Off the Hook dolls. There are six characters, each with different fashions in three themes: concert, summer vacay, and spring dance. The more you collect, the more you can customize the dolls' looks. See more in this video review. For full review and shopping info► 🤍 Product Info: The surprising looks of these dolls are "off the hook". Spin Master's new Off the Hook dolls combine surprise unboxings with mix-and-match fashions so kids can decide the trendy looks for Vivian, Naia, Jenni, Brooklyn, Alexis, and Mila. These six fashion dolls have an array of outfits, accessories, and hairstyles to collect and customize in three themes: concert, summer vacay, and spring dance. When you're ready to change up someone's look, the pieces pull apart and snap back together via hooks. #toyreviews #toys #TTPM ✮SEE MORE TOYS✮ Flushin' Frenzy Game: 🤍 Dr. Pimple Popper Pimple Pete Game : 🤍 FurReal Ricky The Trick Lovin' Pup: 🤍 ✮SUBSCRIBE TTPM Toy Reviews✮ 🤍 ✮SUBSCRIBE TTPM Baby Gear Reviews✮ 🤍 ✮SUBSCRIBE TTPM Pet Toys & Gear Reviews✮ 🤍 ✮SUBSCRIBE TTPM First Look Toys Unboxing✮ 🤍 ✮FOLLOW US✮ Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Snapchat: TTPMOfficial: 🤍 ✮FOLLOW TTPM Baby✮ Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 ✮FOLLOW TTPM Pets✮ Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Disclosure: Toys reviewed by TTPM are selected by the TTPM editorial team from submissions from manufacturers who provide the samples for review consideration. The views and opinions presented represent those of TTPM and the reviewers. We do not accept any compensation for our reviews, and we do not review all products submitted. To submit a product for review consideration, contact us at product-reviews🤍

💜OFF the HOOK💙 dolls VS Capsule Chix | Обзор и распаковка кукол


Off the HOOK - куклы, которые незаслуженно обделены вниманием коллекционеров. Давайте распакуем несколько наборов и сравним их с Capsule Chix. Кто же больше из них похож на Monster High? ПОДПИСАТЬСЯ НА КАНАЛ: 🤍 Моя группа в VK: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 ★Capsule Chix★Ctrl+Alt+Magic: 🤍 ★ Capsule Chix ★ сразу 2 куклы 🤍 ★Capsule Chix★Ram Rock 🤍 Больше видео с куклами: 🤍 Мои первые Блейз с Али: 🤍 ★Новогодние Киндер Макси 220г. ЛедиБаг: 🤍 ★Новогодние Киндер Сюрпризы: 🤍 ★Новогодние Киндер Макси Медведи: 🤍 ★Киндер Макси Тайная жизнь домашних животных: 🤍 ★Киндер Бегемотики 2019 🤍 ★Киндер Леди Баг 🤍 ★Киндер Звездные Войны 2019 🤍 ★Киндер Бен 10 🤍 ★Kinder Marvel: 🤍 ★Барби профессии 2019: 🤍 ★Маша и Медведь 6: 🤍 ★ВСЯ ПРАВДА О КИНДЕРАХ: 🤍 ★Больше видео с Киндерами: 🤍 ★Киндер волги: 🤍 #dolls #CHAPLINCollector #OFFtheHOOK #CapsuleChix

Off The Hook Surprise Mystery Fashion Doll Unboxing Toy Review | PSToyReviews


Today we are checking out the new Off The Hook doll 2 packs. We have the Concert, Summer Vacay & Spring Dance packs. You get 2 dolls in each pack plus fashions and surprise blind bag items as well. How cool is that? You can also mix & match their outfits so easily. Which one do you like the best? Let us know in the comments. #OffTheHook #dollreview #toyunboxing Join the PSToyReviews Crew - subscribe here 🤍 * Toys in today's video can be found below. These are affiliate links. Brooklyn & Alexis Concert 🤍 Vivian & Mila Summer Vacay 🤍 Naia & Jenni Spring Dance 🤍 Welcome to PSToyReviews where Paul, Shannon & Simon the cat open all kinds of fun toys. We love blind bags here including Shopkins, Disney, My Little Pony MLP, LOL Surprise, squishies, Lego & tons of others. We also love hidden surprise eggs & mystery toys. You will find us opening unboxing toys, playsets and all sorts of kids toys including reviews, play & arts & crafts fun. Don’t forget bath bombs or slime either because it’s so much fun. Leave a comment while you are here, we love hearing from our fans. Other Places To Find Us For custom shoutouts visit us here 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Check Out Some Of Our Other Videos In Playlists Shopkins - all seasons, Playsets, Shoppies 🤍 Blind Bag Treehouse Episodes 🤍 Paul vs Shannon - Who Will Win? 🤍 Bath Bombs Fizzies 🤍 Play-Doh Surprise Eggs & Challenges 🤍 Blind Bags Paloozas 🤍 Disney Fun Including Princesses 🤍 Arts & Crafts (Crayola Coloring, custom DIY Shopkins & more) 🤍 Toy Hunting, Surprise Presents & Hauls 🤍 Don’t forget to like, subscribe and share our channel with your friends. This way we can keep bringing you even more videos. :-) Business inquires only pstoyreviewsofficial🤍

💜OFF the HOOK💙 dolls ★часть 4 | Кукла или конструктор? | Обзор и распаковка


Сейчас у компании Spin Master появилось много интересных кукольных новинок. Но, сегодня мы поговорим об одном их старом бренде, бренде Off the hook. Плей-лист💜OFF the HOOK💙 dolls: 🤍 _ ПОДПИСАТЬСЯ НА КАНАЛ: 🤍 Моя группа в VK: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Telegram канал: 🤍 Яндекс.Дзен: 🤍 _ ★СТАТЬ СПОНСОРОМ КАНАЛА: 🤍 #куклы #CHAPLINCollector #OfftheHOOK

Off the Hook Doll Unboxing Toy Review


🐔•Join the OhcluckToys Chicken Coop•🐔 🔔•SUBSCRIBE• and turn on all notifications! 🔔[🤍 ✨•Thank you to the company for sending me this product to review!•✨ 🐣Blind Bag Playlist ► [🤍 🐤Get your OhcluckToys Merch HERE: 🤍 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 🌱•SOCIAL MEDIA•🌱 • Instagram: 🤍 • Instagram: 🤍 • Twitter: 🤍 • Facebook: 🤍 • Vlog Channel: 🤍 • Gaming Channel: 🤍 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •🐔•🐔•🐔•DISCLAIMER•🐔•🐔•🐔• This video is NOT sponsored or a paid for advertorial. All opinions are my own. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #OhcluckToys ►Thank you for watching!🙂💙🐤

NEW Off The Hook Dolls by Spin Master – Mix and Match Surprise Fashion – Unboxing & Review


Special thanks to Spin Master for sending us these toys for review. We’re super excited to share a first look at the new Off The Hook dolls! Off The Hook are the oh-so-glam mannequin girls with fashions that are off the hook! Mix and match the colorfully trendy styles and pair with the perfect accessories to complete some seriously cool outfits! Don’t forget to check out the awesomely cool mystery fashion and accessories that come with every doll. We just love the look of these girls and we’re having a blast mixing and matching to create fun styles! Be sure to watch our Instagram for Banana’s fun photoshoots with these little fashionistas coming soon! Tell us in the comments which doll we opened today is your favorite? #OffTheHook – Website coming soon! 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 #OffTheHookDolls #OffTheHookStyle

Unboxing A RARE Off The Hook Wave 2 Neve from 2004! One Of My Rarest Dolls?!


Hey Angelz! I am so excited for this video, but I do have some more backstory and disclaimers about the Off The Hook line. First, please ignore the stain on my shirt in this video. Second, I feel I should clarify a few things I spoke about in the video as I realized what I was saying came off a bit scrambled. Off The Hook was a doll line released in 2003 from Playtend Toys, a playline division from Integrity Toys which is now known for its high-end collector dolls. The line was likely designed in 2002 right after the Bratz brand took off because, as it is rumored, Integrity Toys was upset with Mattel's My Scene line that came out in 2002 as it held a lot of resemblance to Off The Hook. My Scene is often seen as a direct competitor to Bratz, especially as their primary motive was to "Kill Bratz". However, it is interesting to think that it could have also been used to compete with Integrity Toys; but, as we have seen, Off The Hook was released a little bit after My Scene and ultimately faded into obscurity while My Scene remains a popular line over a decade after its discontinuation. The first wave of Off The Hook dolls has about 3-4 dolls per its four characters (Toya, Reese, Neve, and Dayle) and comes in a unique packaging shape with many purple and pink accents. The second wave, which is by far the rarest, comes in rectangular packaging with artwork and more silver and blue accents. The second wave renames Dayle to Dale and includes a new character named Ling. I have seen another Neve in this lineup that does not wear the outfits featured in the mini catalogue, so it is likely that more dolls were released as part of the second wave. Check out for the ULTIMATE Bratz database, character profiles, media profiles, and tons of other Bratz content! FOLLOW LOOKIN' BRATZ ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: TikTok:🤍lookinbratz Intro video created by 🤍son.oferos! Check out his Instagram here:

The Reluctant Reviewer and Kewpie 83 show you Off the Hook by Spin Master


Hi everyone, Saw these at Target and Amazon and thought I'd see what they were about. Buy little mystery bags and get more clothing for these cute little dolls, more like an action figure than a doll but still cute. Kewpie83 and Barbee0913 are a mother and daughter doll collecting team. With a wide variety of dolls in their collections they work together and independently to showcase dolls of all kinds and celebrate the doll collecting hobby. Barbee0913 also likes to showcase toys also for kids of all ages. Be sure to like and subscribe to both channels, click the bell for automatic video notifications. Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Like Barbee0913: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍Kewpie83

How To Sew Hook and Loop Tape For Doll Clothes Patterns Tips and Tricks


Follow along as I share my tips for successfully sewing hook and look tape closures, one of the most popular types found in Pixie Faire patterns. Learn how to make doll clothes with a professional finish! Looking for this super thin hook and loop tape? Find it at Pixie Faire: Black: 🤍 White: 🤍 Color: 🤍

💜OFF the HOOK💙 продолжаем открывать кукол | Обзор часть 2


Off the HOOK - куклы, которые незаслуженно обделены вниманием коллекционеров. Давайте распакуем несколько наборов и полюбуемся. ★Первая часть: 🤍 ★Off the HOOK первая распаковка: 🤍 ПОДПИСАТЬСЯ НА КАНАЛ: 🤍 Моя группа в VK: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍chaplin_collector Telegram канал: 🤍 ★Capsule Chix★Ctrl+Alt+Magic: 🤍 ★ Capsule Chix ★ сразу 2 куклы 🤍 ★Capsule Chix★Ram Rock 🤍 Больше видео с куклами: 🤍 Мои первые Блейз с Али: 🤍 ★Новогодние Киндер Макси 220г. ЛедиБаг: 🤍 ★Новогодние Киндер Сюрпризы: 🤍 ★Новогодние Киндер Макси Медведи: 🤍 ★Киндер Макси Тайная жизнь домашних животных: 🤍 ★Киндер Бегемотики 2019 🤍 ★Киндер Леди Баг 🤍 ★Киндер Звездные Войны 2019 🤍 ★Киндер Бен 10 🤍 ★Kinder Marvel: 🤍 ★Барби профессии 2019: 🤍 ★Маша и Медведь 6: 🤍 ★ВСЯ ПРАВДА О КИНДЕРАХ: 🤍 ★Больше видео с Киндерами: 🤍 ★Киндер волги: 🤍 #dolls #CHAPLINCollector #OFFtheHOOK #CapsuleChix

OFF THE HOOK Mix & Match Fashion Dolls


by request: Today at My Froggy Stuff unbox the ALL NEW #OffTheHookDolls #Mix&Match #FashionDolls Buy your Froggy Fresh Doll here: 🤍 Check out our Instagram 🤍myfroggystuff for weekly giveaways!! Our Second Channel: 🤍 Official Website: 🤍 check us out at: 🤍 facebook : 🤍 fun stuff for kids: 🤍 shop: 🤍

Custom Made Vanellope von Schweetz - Spinmaster Off the Hook Doll.


#offthehook #custommake #vanellopevonschweetz Today I am turning a Spinmaster Off the Hook fashion doll into a custom made teenage Vanellope von Schweetz doll! This was so much fun. Off the hook dolls are so much fun to open, with their secret accessories and interchangeable looks! I used a duplicate doll to create a gorgeous Vanellope to add to my Off the Hook collection and I LOVE IT!! Credit to 🤍 Email playcandy101🤍



These new little dolls are collectible and pull apart? Watch to see all the fun! Thank you Spin Master for sending these free to me! Check out more of our reviews! 🤍 Check out Toy Fair 2016! 🤍 More of our Toy Hunts 🤍 More AniGame Friday reviews! 🤍 Check out our other BBMM! 🤍 Check out our other Fan Mail videos! 🤍 Want to send us mail? You can! The Doll Circle P.O. Box 521574 Longwood FL, 32750 Follow us on Facebook! 🤍 Check out our Instagram! 🤍 Tweet us on Twitter! 🤍 Join us on Tumblr! 🤍

Elsa and Anna toddlers hook a duck


Elsa and Anna toddlers take part in the fairground game of hook a duck with their friends. They learn about being empathetic and sharing.

You forgot to hook up the doll...


Clip from the movie weird science. A warning to those who rush into technology, without know all the ramifications of what could go wrong.

Off the hook double doll unboxing I Zoeunbox


Zoeunbox unboxes two off the hook dolls.

How to put Your Sex Doll "On and Off" The Hook


Just a quick description of how to put your doll on and off a doll hook. Hope it helps someone out there!

Off The Hook Doll - Who Has The Better Fashion Design?


Off The Hook Doll - Who Has The Better Fashion Design? Thank you Spin Master for sending these free products to us. ABOUT US: HeyThatsMike is a daily family vlog channel, that is both kid friendly and family friendly. We record our lives and share the fun, silly, sweet, and often cute moments with you every day. The dad is Mike, mom Holly, the kids sister Alex, and Chelsea, and we can't forget Ed Eddie the dog. he's a long hair Jack Russell. We also love toys! We are both collectors and do toy reviews here on YouTube. CAMERAS WE USE: Vlogs - Canon G7X Mark II Toys - Panasonic GH5 FOLLOW US HERE YouTube: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Twitter Mike - 🤍 Holly - 🤍 Facebook: Fan Page - 🤍 Instagram Mike - 🤍 Holly - 🤍 Music: Outro - "'m Coming Home" by Kalle Engstrom

Integrity Toys 2003 Off The Hook Doll Neve unboxing and review


Hi Guys! Just a fun unboxing of Integrity Toys Off the Hook Neve doll from 2003. Eric was in town visiting so I roped him into another doll video. Hope you all enjoy.

Off The Hook Dolls Review - Mix and Match Dolls with Surprise Fashions!


Off The Hook Dolls Review. Thank you Spin Master for sending me these really cool mix and match dolls with surprise fashions for free! HELP ME HIT 1 MILLION SUBS Why is a 50 year old women playing with dolls and toys? Because even though the Mommy and Gracie Show is over and Gracie has moved on to teenage life, I still love dolls and toys, and I love making kids and moms laugh. My dolls were my favorite toys as a kid and I just never grew out of it. Because no matter how old you get, you never have to grow up. In Mommy's World we can all have fun and be kids. One great thing about being a grown up is that I get to choose what to do with my life and I'm choosing to try new things! There are so many places I haven't been, foods I've never tasted, hobbies I've never tried and we are going to do them together! We will also meet some family members you have never met before. You might not think they are nice, but I know they will make you laugh! And all of your old favorites are still here, Miss Robin, Guh Guh, Daddy and if you look and listen very closely, Gracie is still a part of this channel in a whole new way! Note: Some links provided may be affiliate links and this channel may earn commission when links are used.

They're Very PIECEful - Off The Hook Dolls


So Spin-Master sent me some stuff to check out. They're a new doll line coming out this spring with switchable parts. I had no idea what these were. Now I do, and so do you. ★ Subscribe: 🤍 ★ Twitter: 🤍 ★ Facebook: 🤍 ★ Instagram: 🤍 Check out some other unboxings: Who Designed This?! - Ryan's World Giant Mystery Egg: 🤍 Watch this video right MEOW! - Lost Kitties: 🤍 The REAL sounds of the sea - Pinkfong's Baby Shark Singing Plushies: 🤍 StinkBomz Tootpants - Tootables and Stink Bomz: 🤍 Someone opened my Mini Boos! - TY Mini Boos: 🤍 Rainbows + Unicorns + Sequins (oh my) - RainbowCorns Sequin Surprises: 🤍



please don't go, wait (i just met you)

Make Your Own T-Hook for Doll Stringing ~ the CHEAP Way!


Here's a simple Low-to-NO-Cost way to make a T-Hook for stringing your BJDs and other elasticized dolls. I'm all for making handy gadgets that allow me to use my money for more important things ~ you know ~ like dolls, eyes, and shoes! All the patterns mentioned (and LOTS more) can be found on the "Ready To Print" page at my website. Feel free to check it out and grab any of the FREE PDF files that tickle your fancy. Have fun sewing & I'll see you next time! 🤍 Thanx for the tunes! 🤍

Off The Hook Dolls


Today we are opening Off the Hook dolls! Let us know down in the comments below which doll you liked the best! #offthehook #dolls #spinmaster #toyunboxing #toyreview * This is Millie and Ellie. We love to open and review toys! Come join the fun at 9:00am every day! * Where to Find Us: Instagram 🤍 Twitter 🤍 E-mail chocolatesmoresc🤍 *

Off the Hook Style Dolls (3 Pack) - PRODUCT REVIEW - Next Toy Review


Off the Hook Style Dolls (3 Pack) ► Best Prices - 🤍 ►Thanks For Watching ! Please Like Share & Comment If You Like This Video ! Off the Hook Style Dolls (3 Pack) ► Watch More Dolls - 🤍 ► See ALL NEXT TOY REVIEWS - 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Off the Hook Style Dolls (3 Pack) "Dolls have been a popular toy for children for centuries. From ragdolls to highly articulated figures, the dolls have progressed quite a lot with time. But they still remain a very common choice for children’s toys. But sometimes kids are not impressed with how the dolls look or what they are wearing. If your little one loves playing with dolls, now you can get them a set where they are free to dress them as they please. So, sit tight while we take a look at the [Off the Hook Style Dolls]. "

Hook holder Doll - Tutorial - How to crochet (part 1)


hook holder crochet - gift ideas - amigurumi doll - tutorial step by step ENGLISH MR = Magic Ring ch = chain sc = single crochet = slip stitch DC = double crochet inc = increase dec = decrease BLO = BACK LOOP ONLY FLO = FRONT LOOP ONLY ITALIANO MR = Anello magico ch = catenella sc = maglia bassa = maglia bassissima dc = maglia alta inc = aumento dec = diminuzione BLO = SOLO IN COSTA RETRO FLO = SOLO IN COSTA AVANTI ESPANOL MR = anillo mágico ch = cadeneta sc = punto bajo = punto enano dc = punto alto inc = aumentar dec = disminuciòn BLO = TOMANDO SÒLO LA HEBRA DE ATRÁS FLO = TOMANDO SÒLO LA HEBRA DE ADELANTE PORTUGUÊS MR = Anel Mágico ch = correntinha sc = ponto baixo = ponto baixissimo dc = ponto alto inc = aumento dec = diminuição BLO = POR TRAS FLO = NA ALÇA DA FRENTE DEUTSCH MR = Magicring ch = luftmasche sc = feste masche = kettmasche dc = stäbchen inc = doppelte fm dec = abnehmen BLO = IN HINTERES MASCHENGLIED FLO = IN VORDERES MASCHENGLIED FRANCAIS MR = Anneau Magique ch = chainette sc = maille serree = maille coulée dc = bride inc = les augmentations dec = diminution BLO = BRINS ARRIERES FLO = BRINS AVANT SVENSKA MR = Magisk Ring ch = luftmaska sc = fast maska = smygmaska dc = stolpe inc = ökning dec = intagning TÜRK MR = sihirli halka ch = zincir sc = sik iğne = ilmek kaydirma dc = ikili trabzan inc = arttirma dec = azaltmak PУССКИЙ MR = ВОЛШЕБНОЕ КОЛЬЦО ch = ВОЗДУШНАЯ ПЕТЛЯ sc = СТОЛБИК БЕЗ НАКИДА = НАЧАЛО ВЯЗАНИЯ dc = СТОЛБИК С 1 НАКИДОМ inc = ПРИБАВКА dec = УБАВКА POLSKI MR = MAGICZNE KÓŁECZKO ch = OCZKO ŁAŃCUSZKA sc = PÓŁSŁUPEK = OCZKO ŚCISŁE dc = SŁUPEK inc = DODAWANIE OCZEK dec = ZAMYKAJĄC/ZAMYKANIE OCZKA

Harry Hook Custom Doll!!! | Star Generation


This is my first ever Descendants custom doll!!! I hope you like it!! Don't forget to subscribe!!!

How to apply hair to your crochet doll with a latch hook.


This tutorial will show you how to apply a chunky yarn using a latch hook to make hair for your crochet doll. 🤍 🤍 Music: Sweet Dreams Musician: BatchBug URL: 🤍 License: 🤍

Off the hook doll unboxing I Zoeunbox


Zoeunboxes 1 Off the hook doll

Off The Hook Dolls


Today we are opening up two boxes of Off the Hook Dolls!! Which doll did you like the best? #offthehook #spinmaster #dolls #toyunboxing #toyreview * This is Millie and Ellie. We love to open and review toys! Come join the fun at 9:00am every day! * Where to Find Us: Instagram 🤍 Twitter 🤍 E-mail chocolatesmoresc🤍 * Credits Carefree by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (🤍 Source: 🤍 Artist: 🤍

Tutorial Easy Captain Hook & Crocodile Doll / 재미있는 컨츄리인형 만들기 / 후크선장과 악어인형


Learn how to make your own handmade cloth doll! OJOODOLL PDF Downloadable Pattern: 🤍 🤍 Let me know if you have any questions Have fun sewing! harooc🤍

Vacation Hook Up | Dating Dolls


Miriam finds herself in a vacation romance with a surfer dude and gets more than what she bargained for in the beautiful Bali backdrop. Dating Dolls is horror stories pulled from the trenches of the dating world then reenacted by dolls. Tell us about your horror stories on the comments below! Credits: Miriam Tiwana: 🤍murrmade Subscribe for more weekly videos! Follow Cinestar: Instagram:🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Checkout our other shows: Rosé Roundtable: 🤍 Healthy Cocina: 🤍 Dating Dolls: 🤍

Off The Hook Unboxing + Surprise Fashions + Rainbow Pep Rally Fashion Challenge [Episode 6]


Sharlize and Amara unbox Vivian in Concert and Alexis in Spring Dance and then rally lightning school spirit in the Rainbow Pep Rally #WheelOfFashion challenge! Who styled it best? Tell us in the comments below! Create 100's of unique outfit looks with Off the Hook Style Dolls! Customize Off the Hook Style Dolls from head to toe by easily mixing and matching their hair styles, heads, tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories! These Off The Hook fashion BFFs spend their days modeling and showing off the hottest styles in the store window, but when the store closes they really come to life! Their fave thing to do? Explore endless racks of the hottest fashions and accessories, then mix and match to find the perfect outfit. These BFF’s bring fashion to life! Each girl has her own signature style and beautiful complexion, but they all have one fabulous thing in common: They looooooove fashion! And when it comes to their personal style? The magic is totally in the mix. Off The Hook brings fashion to life! Get The Look with Off The Hook where you can drop some serious shop and create trendy unique styles from head to toe, fashion poseys! Join the Scribe Tribe! Comment below in the Off The Hook party section and let us know what ya think! Learn more about Off The Hook at 🤍! #OffTheHook #FashionDolls #Unboxing #OffTheHookDolls #OffTheHookVideos #OffTheHookEpisodes #MixAndMatch #FashionCombos #Fashion #StyleDolls #WheelOfFashion #OOTD #LOL #FashionToys #CreateYourLook WHERE TO BUY! Available at Amazon, Target, Walmart and other retailers near you. FOLLOW US TO KEEP UP WITH ALL OF THE MIX-N-MATCH OVERLOAD OF FUN! Instagram: 🤍spinmastersparkclub

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