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Day In The Life Of A BC Winemaker


Passionate, hard-working, dedicated, patient. A BC Winemaker. The winemaking lifestyle is a farming lifestyle, of hard working people with a deep sense of respect for the land. As the vines spring to life, taste exciting local BC wines and celebrate the passion of BC's finest winemakers and farmers. Discover the Wines of British Columbia.

Introduction To Winemaking


Introduction To Winemaking by GuildSomm.

Channel Introduction and Day in the Life of a Winemaker

12.10.2021 A day in the life of a winemaker! I introduce myself and talk a little about the types of videos I will be making. Currently a winemaker and a vineyard consultant, I will be showing both sides of the wine world intimately, from a layman’s perspective. I will also be showing my tropical plants and will be discussing general botanical topics. Stick around if you want to see how to vortex some cow manure or to see how orange wine is made!

Meet the winemaker


A conversation with 4th generation Maltese winemaker Jeremy Cassar of Marsovin Wines Thanks for watching To see more videos like this (with no Ads!) visit 🤍 To follow Cathy on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook - just search

Obsessives - Winemaker


Sean Thackrey is a winemaker, indeed, but he is so much more: an archivist, historian, linguist, photographer, art collector. Thackrey shares his views on the importance of barrels, respect for ancient techniques like letting grapes rest, the word terroir (he hates it), and much more. For wine aficionados, hes an inspiration. For wine novices, hes a deep source of knowledge.

Winemaker Reviews 2020 D2


DeLille Cellars Director of Winemaking & Viticulture Jason Gorski tastes and reviews 2020 D2.

Winemaker Tries Making A 100-Point Chardonnay On Winemaking Simulator


Join me as I swirl, sniff and (probably don't) spit a few different wines while I try my hand at a Hundred Days: the ultimate winemaking simulator! Join Us On Discord To Comment In-Stream! 🤍

Common Winemaking Mistakes


Unlock More Content on Patreon: 🤍 Buy a Shirt to Support the Home Winemaking Channel: 🤍 In this video, we will discuss come of the most common winemaking mistakes. These winemaking fails can really lead to a ruined batch of wine and are good to know about if you are thinking about making your own wine at home. The worst winemaking mistakes are sometimes easy to make. Don't let your wine go bad!

Career Profile: Winemaker


Meet Jay Johnston, a passionate Winemaker for Flat Rock Cellars Winery! In his role, Jay oversees the entire production process of creating wine, including grape harvesting, crushing, fermentation, aging, blending and bottling. He is very passionate about his job and winemaking as it is a process that includes art, science, technicality and creativity. To become a wine maker, a Bachelor's degree in Viticulture is recommended. Typical employers are wine farms or estates, wine production companies, government agencies, colleges and universities or you may be self-employed. Flat Rock Cellars Winery: 🤍 For more information on a similar career, visit: 🤍 or 🤍

A Winemaker's Morning in the Vineyards | 2021 Wine Harvest Diary


Morgan Twain-Peterson MW visits vineyards around Sonoma Valley, deciding when to pick the fruit. Shot & edited by Matt Nelsen

10 tips and tricks for a successful vineyard in Hundred Days Winemaking Simulator by TheScientist


10 tips and tricks for a successful vineyard in Hundred Days Winemaking Simulator by TheScientist #HundredDays #Stadia #Stadia100 - You can find TheScientist on social media at the following links below: Twitter: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 Blog: 🤍 - Hundred Days Winemaking Simulator is an incredible Indie title. It's a card based strategy game fun and challenging. There's a lot possibilities to go wrong and right and I hope this guide can help you clarify some and get ahead in your gameplay! Please leave your comments with questions and your own tips and tricks experience down below! *Table with stats of each grape taken from 🤍 * Barbera "Barb" (early-game)- Body 8, Sweetness 2, Tannin 2, Acidity 10 Chardonnay (early-game) - Body 6, Sweetness 3, Tannin 2, Acidity 6 Nebbiologo (mid-game) - Body 8, Sweetness 2, Tannin 10, Acidity 10 Arneis (mid-game) - Body 3, Sweetness 2, Tannin 2, Acidity 3 Cortese (late-game) - Body 2, Sweetness 2, Tannin 2, Acidity 8 Dolcetto (late-game) - Body 8, Sweetness 3, Tannin 8, Acidity 4 Grignolino (end-game) - Body 6, Sweetness 2, Tannin 8, Acidity 6 Early game purchase order (suggestion): Aging tech, first and second barrels (more body for barb), rinsing blowing module (reduce faults), board upgrades 1 and 2, cleaning room to speed up cleanings, save money (or loan) to buy by the end of 3rd or 4th year - chardonnay, old tractor tech, land, old tractor (buy when the harvest card appears) and types of pruning (the last one can be a postponed a year). - Try Stadia FREE: 🤍 Get MORE with Stadia Pro Free Trial: 🤍 - Join the #GamingScarrmy to get access to perks: 🤍 Help support the #GamingScarrmy by buying a "coffee" : 🤍 - Follow me for more 4Scarrs Gaming content on social media: 🤍 - The Stadia Pro Game Monitor (🤍 is an interactive web dashboard that shows various visualizations regarding the Stadia Pro subscription including: - all claimable Stadia Pro Games - quality and quantity of Stadia Pro Games - costs and benefits of the Stadia Pro Subscription The Dashboard is highly customizable and can be adjusted to your personal subscription history. -

2023 Winemaker of the Year


The 2023 Winemaker of the Year is Glenn Goodall from Xanadu. Thank you to RIEDEL for sponsoring this award.

The Scariest Winemaking Technique - Hyper Oxidation


Unlock More Content on Patreon: 🤍 Buy a Shirt to Support the Home Winemaking Channel: 🤍 Hyper Oxidation or Macro Oxidation is one of, if not the craziest winemaking technique that I know of. This is the process of intentionally browning a wine to oxidize flavonoid phenols, which allows them to precipitate out of the wine as brown insoluble pigments. Once precipitated, these flavonoid phenols are no longer available in the wine to be oxidized later on which allows for you to use much less sulfur dioxide or sulfite. Since Yeast is very reductive, it consumes oxygen and brings the wine back to equilibrium after this oxidation process. Yeast also contributes to the elimination of this browning of the wine or brown pigment by adsorbing much of the browned pigment. This really is the scariest winemaking technique. When a wine browns or oxidizes after putting so much effort into cultivating the grapes, it can be very concerning. But low and behold, the wine will come right back and perhaps even be better than ever.

A Day In the Life of A Winemaker


We decided to strap a GoPro to our winemaker and actually see just how much he does on a given harvest day. The few weeks we have to harvest are the most important in the whole year and if we don't get the job done it dramatically affects the quality of the wine we produce. At the end of the day it's up to the winemaker to make sure the grapes get off the vine and pressed on time. So sit back and enjoy a day in the life of a winemaker. Cheers!

The Winemaker Experience - Turning Winelovers into Winemakers! - Quinta dos Vales | Wine Estate


If you have ever dreamed of making your very own wine, then we have something for you! Quinta dos Vales’ latest, and most exciting, project is called The Winemaker Experience. It is a hands-on project, which aims to turn wine-lovers into genuine wine-makers, each with their own privately owned vineyard (available for 30-60.000€). Basically, what we offer is to guide participants through the full wine-production process, offering them our winery and consultancy, but encouraging them to make their very own wine, to their own preferences. This ensures that our private winemakers take their decisions based on the same information as us, the only differences being volume, and the fact that they can do so completely care-free. Authenticity is the most important part of this project, we encourage our private winemakers to take each and every wine-related decision themselves. Our team will execute the work, and our resident winemaker will provide education and consultancy throughout. However, when the time comes, the participant should decide which wine to choose, when to harvest, which blend they prefer, how to age the wine, and so forth. Even including the decision of which bottles and corks to use, as well as designing their own label. Email: twe🤍 Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 #winemakers #wines #winelovers #algarvewines #portugalwines

American Winemaker Series: John Raytek


John Raytek’s story is one of quiet and individual perseverance – a humble and focused pursuit in the artistry of place. For John, this plays out as Ceritas, a tireless and exacting engagement with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

The Queen of Cult Cabernet | Fantesca Winemaker Heidi Barrett


Heidi Barrett has crafted many of Napa Valley’s most sought-after and cult classic wines. Known as the “First Lady of Wine”, she was responsible for the creation of Screaming Eagle from 1992 to 2006. In 2008, after meeting Fantesca’s proprietors, Susan and Duane Hoff, Heidi agreed to join as winemaker for Fantesca crafting a Russian River Chardonnay, All Great Great Things Red Blend, and Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. While she is best known for her perfectly balanced, elegant, and age-worthy Cabernets, she has gained an international following for her winemaking skill and artistry across many different varietals. Among a lengthy list of past and present clients, Heidi's hall of fame includes her own La Sirena wines, Amuse Bouche, Au Sommet, Vin Perdu, Kenzo Estate, Paradigm, Revana, and Fantesca. Wine after wine, year after year, Heidi has established herself as a true artist of winemaking who excels in shaping her wines into something extraordinary.

Rioja | The Heart of Harvest - Episode 3: The Winemaker


When it comes to Rioja wine, tradition demands only the best year after year. Watch along as we get to know the talented Winemakers who bring the grapes to life and turn them into the diverse, coveted Rioja wines that tradition demands. WATCH EPISODE 1: The Grower 🤍 WATCH EPISODE 2: The Picker 🤍 WATCH THE HEART OF HARVEST PLAYLIST: 🤍 Learn more about Rioja wines from Spain: 🤍 Instagram → 🤍 Facebook → 🤍 Twitter → 🤍

UWinemaker - The Future of Winemaking


🤍 Today UWinemaker’s proven, patented all-in-one, compact, fermenter just sits on your counter, quietly making your wine, for you. UWinemaker’s state of the art wine making turns winery quality 4. 5, 6 & 8 week Red, White and Rose’ wine kits into professional quality brilliant, vibrant tasting Craft Wine. UWinemaker’s innovative design provides and maintains an oxygen free, absolute clean environment, making it possible to produce high quality, clean tasting wine. A simple applied Rock ‘n’ Roll motion to the UWinemaker creates agitation and splashing that easily mixes, easily removes CO2 and makes crystal clear wine without filtering. UWinemaker’s innovation replaces all the traditional hard work and mess with a true, friendly, fun, clean experience. “Wine making should be fun, not work.” And, it’s this easy to use, friendly, fun and rewarding UWinemaking experience that will bring you back to wine making over and over again! The future of wine making ! Performed and Voiced by Tracy Stauffer Produced and Created by Gary and Darlene Novak Video by Mark Riddle (🤍 Follow us! Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

What is Ask a Winemaker?


Ask a Winemaker is a library containing hundreds of short videos wherein winemakers answer questions of all types about wine from the most basic to the most complex. Subscribe and learn from the people who make the wine you love! 🤍 Our videos are shot in cellars, in vineyards, in wine stores and in restaurants all over the world, always with the goal of letting winemakers explain their craft and their product without a sales pitch and without spin. Wines Grapes 101: Winemakers explain grapes from all over the world: 🤍 But why take our word for it? Want to know what Ask a Winemaker is all about? Just...Ask a Winemaker, as we did in this video. Thanks to Fred Scherrer, Eric Texier, Luis-Antoine Luyt, Brianne Day, Jon Bowen, and of course, the particularly effusive George Skouras for their endorsements! Winemaking 101: Winemakers describe their craft: 🤍 Wine Barrels: How they are made and how they are used: 🤍 See all of our playlists here: 🤍 Connect with us on Facebook: 🤍 Ask your question on Twitter: 🤍 🤍askawinemaker. 🤍

Winemaker For A Day - Raymond Vineyards Wine Lifestyle


Wine Channel TV host and Certified Sommelier, Jessica Altieri, visits Raymond Vineyards and The Blending Room with Jean-Charles Boisset, President of Boisset Family Estates. At Raymond Vineyards, guests are treated to Wine Experience rooms, inlcuding the ability to experience being a Winemaker For A Day . Visit Wine Channel TV on Facebook at

I’m a Winemaker | My Life ★


About an hour and a half north of San Francisco is the Napa Valley, a mecca to wine lovers across the country and around the world. For Ceja Vineyards winemaker Dalia Ceja, wine is her business and her life: She works hard every day to meet the needs of the vineyard as well as its clients. But Ceja's job is also a family affair: Her parents immigrated from Mexico and struggled to build their business from scratch. Today, Ceja celebrates its heritage and proves that the American dream is very much alive. 🤍. Visit us for more! 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Friend us on Facebook: 🤍 Check us out on Instagram: 🤍 Get inspired on Pinterest: 🤍 Add us to your circle on Google+: 🤍

Journey to Becoming a Winemaker


Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a Winemaker? Our talented Assistant Winemaking Team of Cortney Zolezzi (PlumpJack), Andrew Haugen (Odette), Tyler Martin (CADE), and Brett Brockmeyer (13th Vineyard) will make up the esteemed panel to discuss their personal journey in this career path, future goals, and advice for aspiring winemakers. Shop Wines Featured below: 2017 cade Napa Valley Cabernet: 2017 CADE Estate Cabernet: 2017 Adaptation Cabernet: 2018 PlumpJack Merlot releasing in June!

How do you learn to be a winemaker?


Winemaker Sarah Cabot has worked in both large and small wineries and can compare the experiences based on her real world experience. Here she reflects on working at Willakenzie, Belle Pente and others before arriving at Omero Cellars, where this was filmed. Our collection with Sarah Cabot: 🤍 See all of our videos with Oregon Winemakers: 🤍 Ask a Winemaker on Facebook: 🤍 Ask a Winemaker on Twitter: 🤍 🤍askawinemaker 🤍

Winemaker Noelia Orts of Emiliana Organic Vineyards (Chile) Explains Organic & Biodynamic Winemaking


Emiliana Organic Vineyards in Chile is the single largest source of estate-grown organic wines in the world and was honored as "Winery of the Year" by Wines of Chile in 2015. In this video, Emiliana winemaker Noelia Orts defines organic and biodynamic winemaking and guides us through a tasting of Emiliana's highly rated Coyam red blend wine. Filmed in NYC at Pampano Restaurant. For more information, visit 🤍

Andrea León winemaker at Lapostolle Winery in Chile


Andrea León winemaker at Lapostolle Winery in Chile talks about the evolution of Chile's wine culture with Grape Collective's Christopher Barnes. Videos about winemakers and wine. 🤍

Winemaker stories te Pā


Proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated. With more than 140 stores across NZ you'll find plenty of recipe inspiration, meal solutions and great prices on groceries. 🤍 Instagram 🤍newworldnz Facebook 🤍newworld

Red Winemaking in Bordeaux Explained


This episode covers the entire process of red winemaking in the famous Bordeaux appellation. Learn more about every step of winemaking process from the grape harvesting to bottling. Purchase The Bordeaux Expert Selection here: 🤍 Subscribe to our email newsletter: 🤍 Follow: 🤍

Athénaïs de Béru - From Banker to Winemaker | BIRKENSTORY | BIRKENSTOCK


“I did exactly the opposite of everything I was told” - Athénaïs de Béru » SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 The picturesque Chateau de Béru has been in the family for 500 years. All generations were winemakers until Éric de Béru could no longer run the winery and leased it. A few years later, the leaseholder unexpectedly quit - the daughter of Athénaïs, who had been a successful banker in Paris to date, did not hesitate for a second and took over the paternal estate. Although she had little knowledge of viticulture, she plunged into this adventure. We visited the lady of the castle and learned how her courage was rewarded - and why she doesn't wear BIRKENSTOCKs in the wine cellar. Mehr on Athénaïs de Béru's Birkenstory here: 🤍 Manufactured in Germany, the sandals are sold in 90 countries on all five continents. In addition to the legendary sandals, BIRKENSTOCK also has a growing range of closed-toe, children’s, and work shoes as well as specialist products for orthopedic retailers. #BIRKENSTOCK #BIRKENSTORY #Béru More of BIRKENSTOCK: Webseite: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 - „Ich tat exakt das Gegenteil von allem, was man mir sagte“ - Athénaïs de Béru » ABONNIEREN: 🤍 Das malerische Chateau de Béru befindet sich seit 500 Jahren in Familienbesitz. Alle Generationen waren Winzer, bis Éric de Béru das Weingut nicht mehr weiterführen konnte und verpachtete. Wenige Jahre später kündigte der Pächter überraschend – die Tochter Athénaïs, bis dato erfolgreiche Bankerin in Paris, zögerte keine Sekunde und übernahm das väterliche Gut. Obwohl sie nur mehr wenig Ahnung vom Weinbau hatte, stürzte sie sich in dieses Abenteuer. Wir besuchten die Schlossherrin und erfuhren, wie ihr Mut belohnt wurde - und warum sie im Weinkeller keine BIRKENSTOCKs trägt. Mehr zu Athénaïs de Béru's Birkenstory hier: 🤍 Die in Deutschland produzierten Sandalen werden in 90 Ländern der Welt auf allen fünf Kontinenten verkauft. Daneben verfügt BIRKENSTOCK über ein wachsendes Sortiment an geschlossenen Schuhen und Kinderschuhen sowie Berufsschuhen und Spezialprodukten für den Orthopädiefachhandel, Socken und Taschen.

Dave Phinney: Winemaker and Entrepreneur


Dave Phinney says he got into wine by accident. And thank goodness he did. At just 45, Dave is one of the most accomplished and creative winemakers in Napa, California. He started Orin Swift in 1998. Dave says the name came from his parents. Orin is his father's middle name. Swift is his mother's maiden name and Dave's middle name. Orin Swift is one of the few brands in the world that actually puts great wine in eye-catching labels. Dave says the wine has to be as good if not better than the label, while the label has to be as good if not better than the wine. Dave's first zinfandel back in 1998 was so bad, he says, he bulked out the wine and started from scratch. But in 2000, he created The Prisoner, a zinfandel-based red blend in the $40 range that has had enormous commercial success. Dave says when someone buys a bottle of his wine, he looks at it like they've formed a partnership. If you're going to give him your hard earned money, his job is to give you value for that money. Dave eventually sold Prisoner to Huneeus Vintners in 2008 for a reported $40 million. In 2016, Gallo bought Orin Swift, but Dave stayed on as winemaker. You can have any title you want at Orin Swift, he says, but you can't be "winemaker." It's something he's very proud of. I met Dave at Articles of Style in New York City, a custom men's shop in SoHo where Dave is an investor, to chat over his wines, which Dave swears he doesn't drink. He says he's never made a wine he really likes because he knows all of the things that could've been done better. But during our interview, he couldn't stop tasting his 8 Years in the Desert Zinfandel blend. The name is a subtle and respectful nod to the fact that he couldn't make zinfandel for eight years after he sold the Prisoner brand because of a non-compete agreement. But now Dave's back at it, trying to master zinfandel, which he calls his first love. He says he's changed his approach to the wine, trying to pick certain varietals at a lower sugar. He says he's less concerned about the alcohol and more interested in trying to preserve the aromatics. Dave has also gotten into spirits, creating Savage & Cooke, a label that makes good use of a bad real estate purchase. He has an amazing piece of property in Alexander Valley, California, with a spring that has unbelievable water, he says. Unfortunately, other than the water quality, Dave says, the property is pretty useless. His advice: Don't buy a property when you're hung over. Dave uses that spring water in the American whiskey, bourbon, and two tequilas he now makes, finishing it off in wine barrels. Unsurprisingly, he's taken a winemaking approach to spirits, growing his own grains and building his own distillery. Making wine, spirits, and bottle labels are all driven by Dave's unique quest for perfection. The joke he has with his group is: if it costs a lot of money, takes a lot of time, and is really stupid, they should be doing it because no one else will. Dave also has Locations, which basically takes the best grapes from a certain country or location, throws out all the rules about how that wine is traditionally made and creates something delicious. Bob Parker, the legendary wine critic, has called Locations some of the finest wine values you could hope to find. Several of them have a 90-plus rating and cost less than $20. —ALISON MORRIS 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 #wine #spirits #napavalley #zinfandel

Niagara College New Winemaker


Allison Findlay has made her mark in Ontario’s wine industry since she graduated from Niagara College, and now she’s returning to her alma mater as winemaker at the Niagara College Teaching Winery.

Introducing Brad Greatrix - Nyetimber Winemaker


Winemaker Brad Greatrix ensures that Nyetimber continues to pioneer cutting edge practices in the production of world-class sparkling wine. Responsible for the development of innovation and technology, Brad is integral to ensuring exceptional quality and consistency at Nyetimber.

Face The West - Angus the Winemaker (OFFICIAL VIDEO) / Electro Trad


Brand new single from Face the West. Out May 29th 2020. Thank you to all our lovely fans who sent us videos of themselves dancing to put to this track. Also We can't thank our campaign backers and investors enough. Without this our new album would not be happening. We hope you love the first track! 🤍 PLEASE SUBSCRIBE

Passionate WINEmaker in the Russian River Valley #wine


Interviewing winemakers from all over the world is just part of the fun here at The Pink Grape. Our purpose is to have fun, be entertained, discover new wines, and meet amazing people. What I’ve discovered while working in the wine industry is that it’s so much more than just about wine. It’s about the people, the environment, relationships, as well as the incredible history. Join our journey around the wine world by subscribing! ✅ Let’s connect: Message me, I would love your feedback! Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 🔴 Subscribe to join our PURPOSE 🤍 🍷 Visit: 🤍 🔴 Check out this interview 🤍 #wine #winelover #winemakers #winery #viticulture #vineyard #Greekwine #discover #travel #blogger THE PINK GRAPE

Winemaker Jacques de Klerk of Radford Dale in Stellenbosch, South Africa


Jacques de Klerk, director of viticulture and winemaking at Radford Dale talks with Grape Collective about making site specific wines in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Videos about winemakers and wine. Check out the full interview at

Quitting YouTube..... to Learn the Art of Becoming a Winemaker in France | Hundred Days Gameplay


🦖 JOIN RAPTORIA NOW: 🤍 👍 GLORY TO RAPTORIA HIT THE LIKE BUTTON TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL! Quitting YouTube..... to Learn the Art of Becoming a Winemaker in France | Hundred Days Gameplay 👕 MERCH: 🤍 💰 SUPPORT: 🤍 ►Social Media Links 📷 Instagram: 🤍 🐦Twitter: 🤍 📘 Facebook :🤍 💨 Steam: 🤍 ►Download Mods (1 Game Per Tab) 🤍 ►Chat with Raptor: Discord: 🤍 TeamSpeak: 🤍 ►Shout Out & Support 🤍 ►Twitch Livestream 📺 🤍 ►Video Schedule 🤍 ►PC Equipment 🖥️ PC Spec List 🤍 Hey, thanks for reading the description for more info on the community. Since you read this far, comment 'GLORY TO RAPTORIA' and I will 💖 your comments! Videos may be more frequent and playthroughs completed based on your views & likes! It helps to know what you want to see the most! Thanks! Remember to keep comments respectful and to follow YouTube's Community Guidelines here: 🤍 JOIN THE CHANNEL FOR MORE PERKS: 🤍

Vindimas 2022 - Douro | Hélder Cunha Winemaker - Powered by Cascas Wines


Como é um minuto de vindima em Lisboa? Saiba mais sobre a Casca Wines em 🤍 Hélder Cunha Winemaker A minha vida é o vinho. Saúde! #HelderCunhaWinemaker #CascaWines #VinhosPortugueses #PortugueseWines #Vindimas #Douro #Shorts

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